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With Ross stuck on a Metro Train, Brandon and Marty are left alone to make the SAF Podcast listenable. Where does it land? Lots of talk about radio and video games. Sounds about right.

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So, this week's recorded episode is lost to the ether. Marty tries to explain. Sorry, y'all.

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THIS WEEK: Brandon, Ross, and Marty get into the possibilities of Super Art Fight becoming a big-screen motion picture! Also, Terry Crews comes up. Because he has to.

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Where WAS Marty last week? Why is he suddenly down one organ? And what made him sound like Goofy? All these answers and more in this week's rather scatalogical Super Art Fight Podcast!

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No Marty means it's a party! Brandon, Ross, and out special guest Mike Donohue sit down and talk about the upcoming Super Art Fight Idol show, how Ross did a thing, and possibly the greatest musical discovery this side of the millennia.

Mike did a video that we mention so here it is!

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A look into the future of the Marvel Universe sends Marty, Ross and Brandon down a Google-hole, and you can join us, as we discuss the Dinklage verse, surprising band riders, and plans that never worked out for a D-List Celebrity.


Links for the show:

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We just came off of 2016, and people are already worried about what 2017 may why not start for planning the Apocalypse with your best Super Art Friends, Marty, Ross and Brandon?

Also, we talk about Peanut Butter at the beginning, so that's fun.

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This week, Marty AND Ross are both away, so Brandon's all alone. But he's got two awesome guests with him, the three-peating Princess of Darkness (Colleen Parker) and our returning social media intern, Emily Audette.  And they have something planned that all you Harry Potter fans are gonna go nuts about. ENJOY!

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Just in time for the holiday season, in this week's episode, Brandon gets Marty to cut a hypothetical radio ad for Super Art Fight LIVE, and Ross has a heartwarming tale of getting his dad to post on Facebook.  ALL THAT AND MORE, GET IT IN YOUR EARS!

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Colleen Parker (Princess of Darkness/The Bra'lers) is back this week with Marty and Brandon as we work our way through a bunch of topics, and learn a deep dark secret about the Super Art Fight audience.

WHAT COULD IT BE? Listen on.

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